There are many things in life we can’t control, and the skin we are born with is just one among them. Living day to day with irritated and inflamed skin can take its toll. Acne, and the stigma associated with it–despite how common it is— can rob you of your self-esteem. Come see us at Ava MD to find yourself at peace in your own skin. Our multi-faceted approach to facial and body acne for patients of all ages has an unparalleled success rate, making us your last (if not first!) stop for treating the problem.

We develop and seek the latest updates in topical treatments, laser technology, targeted facials, injections, and prescription medications to soothe your acne–past, present, and future The glands produce an oily liquid called sebum. Sebum carries dead skin cells through the follicles to the surface of the skin. A small hair grows through the follicle out of the skin.

Pimples grow when these follicles get blocked, and oil builds up under the skin.

Skin cells, sebum, and hair can clump together into a plug. This plug gets infected with bacteria, and swelling results. A pimple starts to develop when the plug begins to break down.


Grade 1: Comedones, occasional papules.

Grade 2: Papules, comedones, few pustules.

Grade 3: Predominant pustules, nodules, abscesses.

Grade 4: Mainly cysts, abscesses, widespread scarring.

The term “scarring” refers to a fibrous process in which new collagen is laid down to heal a full-thickness injury. It affects 30% of those with moderate or severe acne vulgaris. It is particularly common in nodulocystic acne, acne conglobata and acne fulminans. It may also be a long-term consequence of infantile acne.

To reduce the chance of scarring, seek treatment for your acne early.

Time to talk options!

What kind of acne treatments are available today? From a therapeutic spa treatment on your lunch break to more radical interventions, our office has plenty of options for you:

Facials – Our skilled estheticians will remove whiteheads and blackheads, leaving your skin clean and clear
Peels – Using this special treatment, you can begin to resurface your skin and supplement other parts of your Ava MD acne treatment program.
Injections – Not only can injections provide you with a renewed and even skin texture (as with dermal fillers), they can also encourage collagen production and provide anti-aging benefits!

Medications –

Topical creams – As a librarian helps you pick out your next favorite book, our team will find the cream of your skincare dreams.
Washes – It may seem obvious to mention medicated acne washes, but not all are alike! Talk with an expert at Ava MD to find the right wash for you, keeping your skin free of excess oil and debris without leaving you feeling “dried-out.”
Prescriptions – Oral medications, like Accutane, may be appropriate for you. Ava MD will help you decide if oral treatment is right for you.
Laser Treatments – with so many laser treatments to choose from, your Ava MD skincare expert can help you find the right laser to address your acne and acne scarring concerns.
Sebacia – This treatment targets the cause of acne, which starts in the sebaceous glands that are all over your skin. This advanced treatment uses gold microparticles and the power of laser treatments to target the sebaceous glands that are responsible for oil production.

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