Thank medical science for facial fillers. They can help us look years younger if they’re used right. The problem is that many practitioners go overboard, and the result can leave you looking even older than before. We are dedicated to preventing that from happening to any of our patients. When you come to Bella Soul for facial fillers, we’ll tell you which ones will work best for you

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The days of the frozen face are over. You can look naturally younger without losing your expressiveness.

If you’ve been afraid to try BOTOX®, you can relax … because that’s all BOTOX does for your muscles. It relaxes them and reduces wrinkles in the process.
You can “dip your toe” in the BOTOX experience with small-dosage injections that provide a softened look. A small dosage won’t last as long, and the softened look requires more skill on the part of the practitioner … but it’s a great way to see how you like it without committing to anything dramat


In our busy schedule sometimes it is difficult to keep up the specific dietary and fitness regime and it is a challenge to maintain the body shape you want too. High intensity focused ultrasound is a unique technology which provides a onetime solution for the stubborn fat bulges.


The “No Blade Facelift” is the new trend made popular by numerous celebrities recently and it is an excellent and effective non-surgical technique to lift and tighten skin. PDO COG threads have the potential to re-define facial contours and induces collagen production. The treatment forms part of an integrated support structure for the tissue of the face by encouraging natural collagen synthesis with immediate results that peak at 6 months and last between 2-3 years.

Treatments areas will include the cheeks and jawline. The barbed threads improve facial appearance by immediately lifting & tightening. In the coming months, they will also encourage the production of new collagen in the skin to add volume a rejuvenate skin. Ideal candidates will typically be aged 45+. Upon booking we may ask for photos to assess your suitability ahead of the course.

PDO Threads can be used in isolation as a stand-alone procedure or in combination with other treatments. There is NO known interaction between Hyaluronic Acid and Polydioxonone (PDO).
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